Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Minimalism is great and all, but if you're not feeling around for the corners of the box that totally admirable philosophy turns real boring, real quick. FORTUNATELY, this ominous anthem from Melbourne's White Woods is an amazing example of how good shit can sound when you apply interesting textures etc. to a song that actually counts for something. Elastic bass and beartrap drums wrap around the kind of glacially menacing melody Love Of Diagrams used to write; chiming, vaguely shoegazey guitars hover way up high, swooping in to wreak carnage in the monumental bridge sections. The two-speed nature of this song could be grating if White Woods weren't so good, but they are good, and the switch between grind and gallop stays fresh for all of Ballet Tea's five minutes twenty-five.

[White Woods MySpace]

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Nick Lynagh said...

Ballet Tea is a little gem and a beautifully crafted song. Hopefully these dudes will have a show that I can go check out soon.