Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Honestly if you want the best idea about what these tracks from California's Baby Sloth Spirit are all about then yr best bet is to head over to the Myspace page and take in all the totally garish Angelfire detritus including a walking radioactive cat, rainbow Ferraro-style aerobics GIFs and a Shaquille O'Neal Shazam totem replete w/ neon MS Paint graffiti art. There's plenty of this sort of hyper-danceable kitsch to dazzle yrself with on BSS's free EP Eyes, but I keep coming back the slower paced "Final Program" cos it feels like I've been sucked through the floppy disk slot of my family's old Macintosh where Oneohtrix Point Never is playing Italo disco and eating fruit loops and it's weirdly beautiful inside.

[Baby Sloth Spirit Myspace]

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