Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Pretty tough to believe that this hazy minor key jam comes from the new band for Darren Cross, formerly of ingeniously thrashy electronic/punk/popsters Gerling. Not that 'Jennifer's Enemy' is totally without some of dat musical schizophrenia: the transition from sepia wistfulness to anxious pulsation is fairly seamless, sure, but later in this track the ferocious crescendo into psych frenzy just totally invades. These dudes describe themselves as sounding like Neil Sedaka on PCP; pretty accurate, actually, especially considering the current of suppressed rage that runs under golden classix like 'Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen' and 'The Closest Thing To Heaven'. Check out the ace video for 'Jennifer's Enemy' below:

[Betty Airs MySpace]

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Anonymous said...

This song is brilliant. Daz and Burke have the midas touch.