Thursday, April 15, 2010


Phew, it's Rat Vs Possum! I've been sweating it for weex trying to work out what "disks" I'm gonna spin at my upcoming jungle treehouse rave and these guys have swooped in on a hypercolor vine and totally fixed me up. Ever since Akron/Family's last album contained zero party bangers I've been on edge, waiting for another group of xtreme neo-hippies to retrieve the party and Daughter Of Sunshine is a total WIN. Not being facetious now! The great thing about A/F is they worked out that if you're gonna embellish your driving beats with a bunch of chanting and psychedelic cacophony, your beats need to be organic and righteous on their own (hey, it's a simple lesson, but important) if you don't want to sound like every bad bush doof. Rat Vs Possum know this: the whoopin' and hollerin' and ramshackle djembe action that crowds in on Binti Jua's intro gives way to tight, concise drumming and organ and sequencers and only the most tasteful of synthesisers. This band is supposedly amazing live and you can hear why (they're making their Sydney debut next month, so I don't actually KNOW). Daughter Of The Sunshine's out now, check it.

[Rat Vs Possum MySpace]

[Buy Daughter Of Sunshine from Sensory Projects]


Adam said...

I've been waiting for this anxiously since I first saw them live mid-last year during one of their residency shows at the Tote.

managed to wrap my hands around a copy on Saturday and it's lived up to all expectations.

Yair Yona said...

that's awsome.
So what, I'm the only one without a copy here?

Djembe James said...

Yea, lovin it!