Friday, April 09, 2010


Speculator- f**k this world from Andrew Crighton on Vimeo.

AHHH this live Speculator video is tearin' up some of our favourite places and we couldn't resist not hitching a ride on its 100/mph freedom ride to infinity. Also thrown in a couple of other exclusive smash hits that traverse similar soundscapes; guitar solos squalling into vocal melts and of course those thick, blown-out beats that are perfect for retaining a sense of composure as you cruise through webs of radio + TV frequencies.

Pick up the Speculator / Luke Perry cassette split HERE, now, serious, cos it's gonna sell out baby

[Speculator Myspace]

[Wet Merchants]


Anonymous said...

best shit out there. endless lv

Anonymous said...

yea yea yea that's what's really really real

richard said...

ab-so-lutely the best shit! nothing compares amirite

Mark said...

Totally hawt.