Wednesday, May 26, 2010


EXCLUSIVE: Dateline, SYDNEY: Kind of insane how "on" Bearhug are on this new jam, which sounds so totally perfect but is also an amazing "journey" of a song. Dig the sparkling guitar lines ricocheting off the walls, gettin all polyrhythmic with the super controlled bass/drum combo and then our boy Ryan Phealan's husky, creaky J Mascis-style vocals coasting over the top. THEN! The riffage totally drops in, doing this whole cascading waves of crashing noise thing briefly before going back to pattern A, but that's not the end of it. You're not even up to the layered harmonies and wistfully reverberating breakdown yet, or the bit where Phealan gets his Jim James on (totally dominating with his amazing tenor and shit) or the ebbing BSS-esque outro. This totally great jawwwwwwn is off Bearhug's new EP To Anything, which has at least one other classic on it (the awesome Firey Stars; why do I have to chooooze). It's out June 25; can't wait.

[Bearhug MySpace]

[To Anything out June 25 thru Spunk]


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