Thursday, June 03, 2010


AH so good to casually find this new Jeans Wilder single sitting in my inbox just now. "Don't Fly So Close to The Sun" is out on new cassette label Trivial Pursuit (upcoming roster lookin gooood too w/ Raw Moans, Speculator/Cruise Control, Echo Lake). Nice mix of atmospheric textural noise, buried downer pop and drum machines on the other two tracks but this closer "The Kid" stands out to me with its sparseness and total melodic beauty; blues sung from the deepest basement accompanied by drip-drop percussion, resigned anger and beautiful bleakness.

[Jeans Wilder Myspace]

[Buy Don't Fly So Close to The Sun from Trivial Pursuit]


Mark said...

Lovely. Seeing these guys more and more mentioned around. Dig the sound.

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