Thursday, June 24, 2010


Rick Moranis x Rose Quartz Mix (mediafire) 65mb

OH HEY, so felt pretty bad about not blogging much over the last few weeks (due to ridiculous academic intensity/sitting on my bed 10 hrs day writing about goth subcultures), so last night after finishing my final assignment, sitting in a sleep-deprived daze at 3am watching New Zealand v Paraguay and also Honey I Shrunk the Kids on my laptop, I made this weird mix and decided to call it the RICK MORANIS MIX which seemed like a funny idea at the time. I like to think that Rick would listen to the first half while prepping for a presentation of his electro-magnetic shrink ray to NASA; then chill out to the second half while eating cereal and hanging from his washing line. Hope you enjoy!

1. Full House Intro
2. Luke Perry - Commercial Kiss
3. Raw Thrills - We at the After Party
4. John K - Change My Mind
5. Mike & The Mechanix - All I Need is a Miracle
6. The Samps - FXNC
7. Diva Cup - Make it Rain
8. Enigma - Return 2 Innocence
9. New Yoga - Heavy Forestation
10. Sky Stadium - New Birds
11. Rangers - Golden Triangles
12. Vacation Dad - Dan and I Work
13. Heavy Hawaii - Beacons
14. Sloppy Tender - Roof Buddy


Kyle said...

sociology majors STAND UP

shea said...

AH "cultural studies" actually, but totally on yr vibe, HOLLA!

Anonymous said...

Dude Sky Stadium and Vacation Dad are the shit!