Monday, June 07, 2010


In celebration of the well of bad 80s shit being mostly dry, Change Leopardon's pillaged some of that totally overdone decade’s legitimately rad sounds. Totally into this song’s twinkly tropicalia vibes and tastefully deployed Tom Tom Club sample; sounds artificially bright like a giant plastic mall Christmas tree but more druggy. Our boy Change Leopardon, aka Ren Sanchez, lives in Purchase, NY (which is described as a “hamlet”) and does all this cool shit just with voice and guitar and laptop but somehow sounds more substantial & interesting than the one trillion other people doing a similar thing. He describes his music as being created partially by “Passing out at the hospital. Sitting at the park while she wears your sweatshirt. Driving really fast at night to get to your best friend's house.” Right on!

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Anonymous said...

Great producer, boring vocalist