Tuesday, July 20, 2010


2 Hungry Bros & 8thW1 (feat. The Sleepwalkers) - Be On You

Reeking of sweat-tinged Drakkar Noir on a day at the park, harbor, farmer's market and other non-threatening locales for ideal, sunny outings, this song is the epitome of "that guy" applying his "A-Game" on unsuspecting members of the opposite sex. The beat shimmers and shuffles effortlessly in a Native Tongues kinda way but with the added freshness of trilled flutes and downplayed, semi-tropical funk. With that in mind, 2 Hungry Bros and 8thW1 embrace the mindsets of the characters they seek to portray and deliver rhymes dripping with sleaze while oblivious to the amount of eye-rolling taking place. Taken from the upcoming No Room For Dessert, the vibes are all Burgundy and it's another reason why the AOK Collective rule at putting out music that makes listeners double take.

[2 Hungry Bros MySpace/8thW1 MySpace]

[No Room For Dessert will be available for free download on July 27th. Get it here.]

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Deep of the 2 Hungry Bros said...

beautiful blog post!
beautiful blog
July 27th!!! for the whole album