Sunday, August 15, 2010


Vibed all weekend with this A.M. radio warper from Iowa City's Gem Jones. This excerpt is taken from a split cassette with Part Time Cruiser that is steeped in a similar smoky, tape-dubbed mythos to fellow Midwestern weirdos like Taterbug and Tracey Trance. Gem Jones imbues his reels with a strange 80s pop sheen here though which still manages to shimmer through all the murky tape dust, sounding like a lost Ariel Pink demo with its star-strewn synths and perfect bassline bounce. The haunted karaoke vocals fit nicely in amongst all this, particularly in terms of the tape's skewed hauntological qualities; maybe this is what it sounds like to re-enter your prom night as your present self via the limousine radio just to croon and spook everyone out?

[Gem Jones Myspace]

[Download Gem Jones/Part Time Cruiser Split from CGIFriday]


Yair Yona (Small Town Romance Blog) said...

lost and somewhat retarded Ariel Pink demo you mean

shea said...

harsh! i think this rulezz