Monday, August 23, 2010


Sure, it's not the first time intelligent young men have made glitchy, highly constructed electronica, but this is great. This track from Headless Horseman's downloadable HDLSS EP sounds amazingly tactile: huge chunks of max'd out drum clatter falling all around your ears, vocals lines diving into the ground like someone's lent a careless arm against the turntable, synth tones that sound positively abused. It's terrifically melodramatic, too (not that I have any idea what's going on): it hyperventilates, freaks out, cares way too much. This New York duo told us they "enjoy eating chicken nuggets and watching the simpsons on recording breaks," so they have to be good, right? Their HDLSS -and- DUM LP comes out soon.

[Headless Horseman Facebook / Bandcamp]


Anonymous said...

is this hip hop?

Anonymous said...

it's hip hip
horray it's good