Thursday, August 05, 2010


Shambling, esoteric, Velvets-inspired indie rock with a sense of poetry, brilliantly named in honour of a classic Aussie TV memory: the marriage of Kylie Minogue's character to Jason Donovan's character on Neighbours. This sounds like that fictional suburb constantly idealised in rock music where everything's poignant & wistful & reeks of lost innocence, etc. It ambles along, shedding waves of noise, and it sounds totally cool. That's not surprising, given the pedigree of the band's members: frontman Craig Dermody, formerly of Spider Vomit, is backed up by Luke Horton (Love of Diagrams), Dion Nania (Panel of Judges, The Twerps) and Jarrod Quarrel (St Helens). You can get this track on their album Para Vista Social Club, which'll have a limited release of 200, hand-painted vinyl records.

[Scott & Charlene's Wedding MySpace]

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