Thursday, September 23, 2010


If you read this blog ever you'd know we think Sydney punx/power popsters Royal Headache are basically one of the most exciting bands in the whole world right now. They're fucking great, and totally good guys! They did us (and you) a solid by making this mix, which is on the verge of improving your weekend/life. Here's what Joe from Royal Headache said about it:

"So Shogun didn't put any tracks on this. He doesn't have the internet and if he knew we were doing this would take over the entire mix and just put Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill 12 times. I wish we'd made that mix. There's not much to say about this... none of the songs make sense next to each other. There's no theme. Nothing's that obscure so we dont really get to show off how much more we know about music than everyone ever. Everything's pretty sick though (except the Lighthouse Keepers, they get their arses kicked after LIZZY. Actually that song's not so bad. Nah it sucks) Hate to crush everyone's hopes and dreams but we didn't actually make this mix, the only band we've ever heard of / listen to is KISS (I'm not sure if you have a KISS font but please display it on your website according to the logo, we get offended viewing the name in such wimpy typefaces common to most websites (thank you in advance))."


1. The Marked Men - A Little Time
2. The Replacements - Favorite Thing
3. Shoes This High - The Nose One
4. Public Zone - Naive 
5. The Bureaucrats - Grown Up Age
6. Haskels - Taking The City By Storm
7. Thin Lizzy - Waiting For An Alibi (Live @ Opera House)
8. The Lighthouse Keepers - Gargoyle
9. Television Personalities - A Picture of Dorian Gray
10. Evelyn Freeman - Didn't It Rain
11. The Falcons - I Found A Love
12. Showbiz & AG - Next Level

PS, Sydney: check out Royal Headache and a shitload more great bands next weekend at R.I.P. Society's Success Summit!

[Royal Headache MySpace / Facebook]

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Anonymous said...

that was a lovely treat. thanks RQ.