Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It takes a brave dude to make an EP of cat-themed, chillwave-informed tunes; that shit verges on being too Internet 2010, and that's obviously one of the worst things you can be on the internet in 2010. So it's pretty lucky for Newcastle's Waskerley Way that this EP is good enough to make it more than just a checklist of tired internet tropes; actually, the tropes don't come into it in the slightest, because this EP is better than good. As with the best of the practitioners stuck with the "chillwave" tag, it instantly evokes the kind of magic and mystery you felt as a child overhearing fragments of soul and disco. It's not easy to strip away literally decades of exposure to popular music and take you back to the first handful of times you heard music that wasn't a nursery rhyme, but that's what this EP achieves.

[Waskerley Way MySpace]

[Download Cat Music EP]

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