Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Show Tufli - The Panties

Kinda finding it a little difficult to get this write up started without saying something like "Show went in" as a part of an opening sentence. Just don't wanna get mired in a host of double entendres, but you know what? Dude WENT IN, did his thing, was on point, and you are now glowing. Following on from his Badu-inspired KeepInMindThatImanArtistandI'mSensitiveAboutMyShit mixtape, Harlem's Tufli flips a Mos Def instrumental and creates the jam I wished Mos did. Feeling that moody Tom Brock sample, Show spits silk and by the end it feels like you've just been a part of one of those noir-ish, sexy as fuck fragrance ads.

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