Wednesday, October 27, 2010


MP3: Cat Cat - The Doldrums

Real low-key, charming indie rock here from Canberra's (seriously! What is going on, Canberra!) Cat Cat; kinda reminds me of The Clean, maybe, in the way it just rattles along unpretentiously. Well, MAYBE: it's folkier than The Clean, all treble-y and sweetly acoustic, but this track - and others on new EP Waking Space - have the same no-fuss minimalism that made all those Dunedin bands sound so great. Sounds like the kind of jammer that'd feel pretty good on a hungover Sunday morning; just put it on, lay down and let it fill your brain all the way up with good vibes.

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Cat Cat said...


Thanks for posting this. We're going to record a new album over the Australian summer. No doubt released some time in early 2011. Really appreciate the post.

Cat Cat.