Tuesday, November 09, 2010


MP3: Blank Realm - Full Moon Door

Luvvin the hungover glow of this Blank Realm classic: their Deja What record, originally issued in a stupidly limited run (52 copies whaaaaaat?) has just been remastered by ECSR's Mikey Young so you can actually fucking buy it and revel in the headache buzz and wild west swagger. It's kind of insane how good this sounds, really, the burn of the undulating bass and organ and the clanking percussion and the super subtle layering of guitars and vocals that slowly creep in and quickly die off. Sounds like it could have been recorded in the Californian desert, maybe, all dry and feverish and half crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Seen these guys twice at Woodland in Brisbane. The live stuff is just as good and improving.

Anonymous said...

amazing band!