Thursday, December 16, 2010

TOP 2010 SONGS: Emily Littler, STREET CHANT

Street Chant are great! They're one of our favourite bands, and this year they've released their debut album, Means, and played shows in three different countries (at least), including the unofficial CMJ showcase we put on with MME in Brooklyn in October. It was pretty amazing to go to the other side of the world and see literally THOUSANDS of good bands and have these three still be THE BEST, as usual. Anyway. We're real proud of them, and we decided to test their patience one more time and get frontlady Emily Littler to tell us what her ten favourite songs of the year were. Which she did!

10. Kanye West - Runaway
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy out through Roc-A-Fella Records // myspace

I used to be on Taylor's side, but now I'm not.

9. Hussies - Miss Anthropy
Grey Headed Ghosts out through MUZAI // facebook

Great song and great video.

8. Ty Segall - Girlfriend
Melted out through Goner // myspace

This song makes me happy, especially the bit about how she said he can use her new car.

7. Lady Gaga - Telephone
The Fame Monster out through Interscope // myspace

I enjoyed this song as soon is it came out 'cause I was into the cultural phenom that was the video but didn't realise how awesome it was until I listened to the whole thing without the video gaps. I love listening to ultra modern pop on headphones and buzzing out and this song/lyrics/production (and video) are sooo 2k10.

6. FATANGRYMAN - Wrapped in Plastic
FATANGRYMAN out through MUZAI // myspace

One of my favourite new bands of this year. Ary and Jess' vocals on this track reminds me of the twins out of The Shining.

5. Transistors - Flux Pentaphile
Flux Pentaphile EP out through Bandcamp // myspace

Rad song, rad lyrics, rad band. Remember when music had energy and not just reveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrbbbbbbbbbbbb?

4. Sharpie Crows - Trackpants and a Mitsubishi Galant
Mass Grave/Golf Course out through Bandcamp // myspace

Seemed appropriate for this list that I choose this song from Sharpie Crows. I first heard it when we played with them at a warehouse on a stormy Melbourne night at a New Years party '09-'10 and it kinda just stuck with me. I only just reheard it on their bandcamp a few weeks ago and it's amazing.

3. Surf City - Teacher
Kudos out through Popfrenzy/Fire // myspace

My favourite song from their album which I was looking forward to for years. Really dig the chorus and how huge and groove-y the whole thing sounds.

2. Rihanna - Rude Boy
Rated R out through Def Jam // myspace

Probs my favourite commercial pop track of 2010. Such a good groove and I luv the Caribbean buzz she's on. Sick drum fill too.

1. JEFF the Brotherhood - Diamond Way
We Are The Champions out soon through RCRD LBL // myspace

Such a cool sounding song, especially how dreamy it is at the beginning, and then it kicks in and gets rockin! One of my favourite bands that I discovered in 2010. This is the first single off their new album which is out next year. The Transistors went on tour with them in NZ a few weeks ago. I am jealous. Badass outro: wahh wahhh wahhhhh.

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