Monday, January 10, 2011


MP3: Ghoul - Dreambeat

PREMIERE:  Another ominous creeper from Sydney's Ghoul, taken from their forthcoming mini-album Dunks. Over the course of two EPs (beginning with 2008's A Mouthful Of Gold) they've done a pretty excellent job of cultivating a cold, menacing sound that's almost cyberpunk in it's retro-futuristic dystopian vibe, but Dreambeat steps that shit up. This is the clearest indication yet of the kind trip Ghoul are on, and it's a turn-of-the-millennium one: urgent and paranoid; off-kilter thanks to the blend of electronic and acoustic textures; ultra clean in production. Heck, Dreambeat even segues out on a mash of found sounds. I don't know if the world's ready for a 00s revival just yet, but one thing's for sure: this is the best, most earworm-y thing Ghoul have done so far. Dunks is out February 4 on Speak N Spell.

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7uke said...

Dreambeards for all. Great Track. great band

Simon Gemmill said...

Cool song guys. Loving the rhythms. NZ's own Bailterspace would be impressed.