Monday, February 07, 2011


MP3: Dro Carey - Wack Reeboks!!?
MP3: Dro Carey - Leary Blips

Brilliantly brain-fried electronica from enigmatic Sydney producer Dro Carey. These two brand new jams, true to Dro's previous form, are something special: he's bucking the current local trend in a pretty amazing way in stepping outside the (frankly tired) realm of folktronica, but really, there's not a whole lot that sounds like this anywhere. At a pinch, you could compare it to a lo-fi, subtle variant on fidget, or way, way abstracted DnB, but really, let's not bring it down to that. Leary Blips will be available on a forthcoming EP from Trilogy Tapes, who released Dro Carey's limited-but-still-available previous 12"; get on it!

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