Monday, April 04, 2011


H.O.P.E. - Stand Up (Feat. Pac Div)

Just when I feel like I'm gonna be able to attack my "to listen" pile, something pops out of left field and I just have to pay some attention. Left coast is doin it big these days and on the back of the avalanche of current releases popping up from Cali, Compton's H.O.P.E. has finally dropped the follow-up to his solid '09 effort, Follow The Leader with Believe In HOPE Wright. While not as immediate, the ingredients are there for something that'll defintiely warm over after a few listens. Dude has the bars in him, bars for days actually and paired with stellar production such as the beats peppered throughout this release, expect him to shine through the year. H.O.P.E. does it best when he pulls back a little and rather than compete with dynamics, will let the beat wrap around his words such as on "Stand Up". Add my current fave posse in Pac Div (MANIA!) to give it that supreme polish and it's a must.


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