Tuesday, May 17, 2011


MP3: Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Nobody Else
MP3: Woollen Kits - Maths

Two scorching new jams from some of R.I.P. Society's finest, taken from two new 7"s that are due out June 20. The new songs from Bed Wettin' Bad Boys are easily the best they've ever recorded, riding a vintage Replacements tip: they're all earwormy power-pop riffs and raw emotion and produced in this kind of classic flat medium-fi. It's a feel that's reinforced on this video (directed by Circle Pit's Angela Bermuda!), which pays pretty hilarious homage to the Alex Chilton video. The Woollen Kits tracks are just as good, too: the a-side, Maths, continues with the shoegazey pop-punk vibe they've cultivated on their last couple of recordings. Check out the amazingly economical video for it above!

Woollen Kits and Bed Wettin' Bad Boys are launching both 7"s on the following dates (and touring the US later in the year. Dates to come!):

bed wettin' bad boys tumblr / woollen kits facebook / label


Anonymous said...

Hey, I think both the links to the mp3's are the same, so you can only download the BWBB song

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MAX said...

Hey Anon, those mp3s are working fine for me! Anyone else having that problem?