Wednesday, May 11, 2011


MP3: Quiet Evenings - Transcending Spheres

Sounds like Quiet Evenings' Grant and Rachel Evans were on a pretty blissful meditative trip recording this slow-burner from their first full-length record. Gently extraterrestrial soundwaves fade in and out with a kind of abstract elegance; the super-sparse instrumentation makes it sound even more ethereal, as though it hasn't even been generated by humans. There's a certain (literally) spacey vibe to this title track from Transcending Spheres: it brings to mind the soundtrack to the classic RTS Homeworld, recorded by '70s prog rockers Yes. It's ambient, crystalline, totally beautiful. Transcending Spheres is out now in a limited run through Preservation.

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Yair Yona said...

really beautiful stuff. thanks for posting. eager to listen to the whole album
Yair said...

It won't truly have success, I believe so.