Tuesday, June 14, 2011


MP3: Terrible Truths – Don Juan

Way into this slinky new jam from Adelaide’s Terrible Truths (Adelaide what is up!), which is all straddling the line between what is post-punk  and what is some floaty, abstract dream-pop or something, and maybe there’s also a lil bit of punk-funk in there, if I can say that without y’all vomiting everywhere. Don’t vomit, though! Or do. What do I care. On their Tumblr, Terrible Truths say they love (actually: “luuurve”) ESG and Delta 5, which is very cool and apparent in their music, what with that sparse groove and vaguely paranoid edge. This track is off a soon-to-be-released split 7” with Hissey Miyake and is kind of a big mash of things we like: it was mastered by ECSR’s Mikey Young, and the band includes members of Bitch Prefect, Kitchen's Floor and Rites Wild. Great!

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Anonymous said...

The writing on this blog is really good.

MAX said...

Cool. Thanks anon!


enjoy yr blog.
one little thing though...
was mastered not produced by mikey young.
funnily enough, i'm just packaging up the self titled 7" to send to the pressing plant!

Mark said...

That's a JAM. Just reblogged it.