Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Stream: Songs - Heavy

Glossy professionalism isn't an aesthetic that a lot of indie bands aspire to, but it seems to be the goal on this latest track from Songs. They're only two releases deep, but already the Sydney band are up to their third distinct sonic iteration, following their terrifically Flying Nun-ish debut EP and the unexpectedly proggy debut album of 2009, and Heavy comes across as a slicker, smoother, more post-millennial version of that early work. The accompanying video certainly reinforces that; it's set in an austere-looking hotel, and the muted introduction and slow build to a kind of intensity, if you could call it that, feels more mechanical than chaotic. But it's completely appropriate for the lyrical themes of sadness and loss that play out in Heavy, and while that's an unusual approach to take at a time when most bands are keen to portray themselves as spontaneous and unstudied, it certainly makes Songs an interesting proposition.

Sydney: Songs play the Popfrenzy Sessions Sept. 8 at TONE. Tix here.

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