Tuesday, January 10, 2012



MP3: RQ Mix 001 - Octo Octa

We at Rose Quartz are very pleased to introduce our new guest mix series, where we ask musicians we admire and have been posting about to produce a mix of songs for us. For the first instalment we are honoured to have a mix of largely all new original material (!) from one of our favourite new artists of 2011, Octo Octa.

Octo Octa is the alias of Brooklyn-based Michael Morrison, who came to blog-prominence last year when he released the excellent Let Me See You 12” on 100% Silk back in September. Like much of 100% Silk's catalogue to date, Let Me See You and especially the sweaty, shimmering “I'm Trying”, skirts the line between a roughshod DIY approach to House & Disco, and ecstatic dance-floor energies that evoke NY House's early 90s glory days.

His mix for us, which he says is a sort of follow up to his previous Megamixes, is comprised of some released tracks and some unreleased and draft tracks. It works as a good follow-up to last year's 12”, employing the same lush, slightly hazy synths, and exhilarating/ecstatic vocal samples in true House style.


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Cameron said...

this is seriously one of the greatest mixes i've ever listened to. sounds like this dude is about to have one hell of a year! 100% silk, straight killin'em.

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