Monday, January 30, 2012


We first posted about the debut album from Finland's Olli Aarni, or Ous Mal, not quite two years ago. His particular take on warped-out, weatherbeaten electronica - cobbled together from an assortment of grainy, organic textures - was pretty instantly recognisable as something special. So it's great that he's made another album! In under two years, Aarni's changed names (to Nuojuva, a reference to his debut Nuojuva Halava), released an album of remixes of his songs by Preservation artists, and in February will release a second album. It's no small feat: this sounds like music which is painstakingly assembled. Every sound on this first track, Laakso, contributes entirely to a sense of gentle sentimentality, but doesn't fade to beige. It sounds "alive". We can hope the rest of Valot kaukaa is this great; preorder it from Preservation.

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