Wednesday, March 21, 2012



MP3: JCCG - Esplanade

A few days ago I was stumbling around the soundcloud-ether and became transfixed by these mysterious guitar jams from someone under the name of JCCG, about whom I could find next to nothing about on the internet. A couple of emails later it transpires that they're the work of João from Coimbra, Portugal - the dude who runs Exo Tapes and who I actually posted about a couple of weeks ago for his work as Mediafired. Much less mysterious but still totally transfixing, "Esplanade" is made up of slowly unfurling and decaying guitar lines, adding up to a textural meditation with more than a hint of the NJ beach slacker vibe of something like Ducktails.

The track is from a forthcoming tape on Exo, and also attached is a cool video for "Buffer".

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Unknown said...

i can't get enough of this guy.