Thursday, May 10, 2012



RQ MIX 008: Innergaze - Do U Feel Me Mixx

Innergaze are Aurora Halal and Jason Letkiewicz, a seemingly excessively productive couple with extensive CVs of their own - Aurora organises dance parties as Mutual Dreaming, and is the director of numerous gauzily seductive music videos from some of the most interesting acts occupying the blurry territory of underground dance music; and Jason is a producer of some renown, putting out endless 12"s of analogue house in the last few years under his numerous aliases such as Steve Summers and Malvoeaux.

The Brooklyn-based Innergaze have carved out a niche for themselves through their static-infused, hazy reappropriations of a number of dance music traditions. On the one hand firmly rooted in a minimal wave aesthetic, their sound is equally informed by the more luxurious sensibilities of NY disco and Chicago house, as well the rough and ready American underground house and techno that characterises Letkiewicz’s own productions and is perhaps best epitomised by the L.I.E.S. label.

This luxuriousness is on display in the mix Jason and Aurora have made for us, recorded live at what sounds like a really weird Bacardi-sponsored party in Ridgewood just last weekend. The duo makes the best of less-than-ideal circumstances to deliver a sumptuous mix of Italo, disco, and contemporary Detroit and East Coast House classics.

Grip the mix and also check out their fantastic new LP Mutual Dreaming, out now on Cititrax.


1. Iasos giving a lecture 
2. Sun Ra - Lanquidity 
3. Patrice Scott - Do U Feel Me? 
4. Kinoeye- Mean Old World 
5. 'Unknown' - Echo Drugs (coming soon on L.I.E.S.) 
6. Metro - Rush Hour 
7. Sound Stream - Soul Train 
8. Funky Family - Funky Is On 
9. Max D - Can U? 
10. Omar S presents Colonel Abrams - Who Wrote The Rules Of Love (Shadow Ray Mix) 
11. Smith N Hack - To Our Disco Friends 
12. 33 1/3 Queen - Disco 4 
13. Bottin - Sage Oil 
14. Jiraffe - Out'A The Box (Crazy Club Dub Mix) [sup Damon] 
15. Beautiful Swimmers - Horizons 
16. The Jones Girls - Nights Over Egypt 
17. Wet - That's The Game (Dynamic Mix) 
18. Toney Lee - Love So Deep (Instrumental) 
19. Walk The Dog - I Can't (Innergaze Remix)


iblamesummers said...

Great Mixxx

Unknown said...

Good tracklist
Poor level balance
Horribe phase effects