Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CiTR Radio: 'SUP WORLD Playlist (7/24/12)

Here's the playlist from my guest spot on 'SUP WORLD Radio today on Vancouver's CiTR 101.9FM.

Broomfield - polyphase第二波 (bittertv videotape)

d’Eon – Thousand Mile Trench (E 1999 ETERNAL EDIT)

Arca - Manners [Stretch 2]

Golden Donna - Paulding Light

White Poppy - Wish & Wonder [I Had A Dream]

Jam City - Club Thanz [Classical Curves]

Eyeliner - Scenery [High Fashion Mood Music]

Le1f - Wut [Dark York]

Weed - Ben's Tour [Gun Control]

Kuhrye-oo - For The Fame II

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