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MP3: RQ Mix 011 - Slava

Slava's Soft Control EP on Software earlier this year was a glistening exploration of the interplay between elegance and rhythm. Each syncopated, sometimes muddled element glistens with a certain luxurious sheen, which anchors the poignant, deceptively emotive vocal samples. Exhibiting a clear indebtedness to his one-time base of Chicago with its use of frenetic footwork rhythms, the EP gives the style a unique slant, using digital-era tropes of a sensual spa-music luxury (you only have to look at the manicured nails on the cover to get a sense of this) to evoke an uncanny, appropriated sensuality.

Although Soft Control is perhaps the Moscow-born and now New York-based Slava Balasanov’s most fully-realised statement thus far, dig a bit deeper into his back catalogue and you’ll find records on venerable US dance labels such as Future Times and Mathematics. Taken together his output shows a controlled range, and Balasanov is able to tackle not just footwork but also the classic 4-4s of gritty techno and pan-global house.

Slava’s mix for us encapsulates his interests in a range of contemporary club-styles, recalling the diversity of similarly globe-encompassing avant-electronic acts such an Nguzunguzu. Despite the selections ranging in genre from footwork to grime to slick NYC house, it is also a very spatially-cohesive listen, beginning and ending on relatively ambient notes, and with each track’s strength lying firmly in its attention to surface, texture and rhythm.

Napolian - Ascension
Fur - Hands
Abel - Girls
Ynfynyt Scroll - Ynfant Son
Beek - Its Ovah
Kingdom - Seven Chirp
Corcovado - Trippin
Gremino - Drumbeat
Terror Danjah - Morph2
Bangladesh - 100
Verse Simmonds - Keep It 100
Exeter & Naphta - Junk
Rizzla - Psychoton
Jeremih ft Fabolous - Ahh Shit
Chits - Barry Sanders
Dj Rashad - Drop Juke Out
D'Cruze - Lonely
Relaxxxmurf (aka Craxxxmurf) - Whalesmurfs

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