Friday, August 17, 2012



MIX: Veracom - Thug Hug

Beyond stoked to be able to present, exclusively on Rose Quartz, a mixtape of edits from Dallas beatmaker Veracom. Veracom caught my attention lately with a series of ultra-smooth, luxurious r&b edits and originals, many of which can be streamed over on his soundcloud. His mix for us really hones in on that 90s sensual slo-jam sound, with source material both obvious & more obscure rendered slow & syrupy. Perfect spa pool listening paired with Perrier-white wine spritzers.

Even cooler, this is paired with a limited edition cassette release, which we'll be giving away to the first 20 readers who want one. Comment below or email us at to get a copy.

All gone, sorry!


\\:e-sMoke internet
i got fee|ings 2 (112@hotmail.calm)
u hurt me dawg (keith_sweat\\:teenage screwicide)
thug |uv (jennifer_hudson: 2nd life puberty)
how to: |uv (freddie_jackson.)
nothing |asts 8 (*keith_sweat* forgot his keys)
signing off ir|


Anonymous said...

this shit is amazing, cassette +(((

mmmaceo said...

nice! want the cassette

Eric said...

i like that picture.
Can i getta cassette?

Pooj said...

this shit is dope, do u still have cassettes?

Anonymous said...

love this cover.

wables said...

would love this on cassette

VERACOM said...

Give dem boiz an offer they can't refuse.

Nicolás Prados said...

Cool! Any chance i could get a cassette?

Mirror Kisses said...

nice! I want one!

gueppaaa! said...

ohhh, I'll take 20~

Wildechosystems said...

Working on cyberpunk tape 4 u, psyched to hear this!

Tim said...

Can mmmaceo, Eric, Pooj, wables and Nicolas Prados hit us up w/ a lil' email to so we can send you a cassette :)