Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Oh wassup I'm Shea and a new Rose Quartz blogger! As stated on the sidebar I'm really into The Wonder Years and playing music with DJ Richard Marx on our radioshow Guitar Media. I'm also from New Zealand so will hopefully be able to provide some coverage of happenings down here, but will mostly be focussing on anything new and/or exciting internationally (globalisation, blah blah). Anyway, here's a couple of tracks from Shahs:

Minneapolis native Tom Helgerson should probably move somewhere like Florida or Las Vegas so he can play kitschy jams like "Handreader" to retirement village dance classes or in casino lounges. Tinny calypso rhythms and Ariel Pink keyboard pops provide the perfect soundtrack to Helgerson's fuzzy karaoke croon -- it might sound all a bit much but really this is just super fun and the quirks are certainly refreshing after the multitude of more 'serious' solo bedroom pop acts. Blown-out beatz punch most of the peach stucco and velvet-curtained kitsch out of "Loose Ends", but can still be found in intermittent keyboard squeaks & whistles. Helgerson used to play in the much darker To Kill a Pretty Bourgeoisie but has turned 180 with this recently reborn solo project. These two demos are taken from the forthcoming Divine Interest EP and will also feature on a future album that may have yr grandparents shuffling in their zimmerframes.


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