Thursday, July 02, 2009


It's been super freezing and windy and G R E Y Y Y for weeks here and I'm getting a little jealous of northern hemisphere photo albums on Facebook and talk of summer festivals in the countryside. It's all been exacerbated by this explosion of beachside pop and woozy sun stoned jams (get this already if you haven't!); as great as this stuff is I can't help but dream of how much better it would be if I wasn't wearing five layers and hunched over an oil heater. This debut album from Universal Studios Florida might've left me even more longing for warmer climes if it wasn't so fucking UPLIFTING -- not necessarily in the 'SMILE/cheer up bro' sort of way, but in it's total soaring direction. These jams levitate from waves and sandy feet, exploring realms above clouds and our sun's rays. It's super beautiful up here; reverberating pearl guitars, synth blankets, galactic rainforest rhythms, the earth's activity echoing through meso-, thermo-, exospheres. Weather becomes notional in these floaty utopias, perfect then for transcending yr wintry despondence and icy windscreens. Highly recommended.

[Universal Studios Florida Myspace]

[Buy Ocean Sunbirds on CD through Little Fury Things or on cassette]

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