Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Casey Veggies (Feat. Rich Hil) - Euphoria

Independent rap music is bananas at the moment with so much good shit on offer and Casey Veggies' Customized Greatly Vol. 2 is one of the recent releases which stand out from the pack. LA, life, youthful observations and cynicism all done with genuine honesty seem to be what Casey's about. Partying too. Euphoria is a track that seems alive. Horns loop all over the place while drums pulsate into you bringing to mind the beats of Just Blaze and Dilla. It's almost manic in it's attack but still understated in it's delivery thanks to Rich Hil providing some rather dulcet tones to smooth it out. Casey shines as he rides the beat with poise. However, on a mixtape full of mid to uptempo bangers, Flying High sticks out with it's hazy, velvet vibes. Casey's voice is taken down into the mix amidst a looping soul sample, lush strings and deep bass but rather than competing with it all to standout, he embraces it. Carefree and unhinged all at the same time, train-of-thought rhymes flow at half speed and double time as he feeds into the vibe. Swagger shines when you slow it sometimes.

[Customized Greatly Vol. 2 can be downloaded free from Casey's blog.]


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