Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So “Larry Gus” is Greek citizen Panagiotis Melidis and Larry Gus is like a pun on the Greek word for throat, larigas. Wordplay! His label website says his music is inspired by the rural environment of his hometown, but also Creedence Clearwater Revival and Minor Threat, which is a confluence of influences that’ll grab your attention but won’t make your face smile as hard as the music itself, which sounds almost nothing like any of that but rather some ultra-chill and totally narcotic 40s popular music. What?! It’s like Vera Lynn demurely handing her band over to Caribou, and then the Avalanches smashing through the windows on ropes and taking everyone hostage, but then instead of getting tense they just drink strawberry wine and have the best party ever. Fact: Larry Gus has toured with Caribou, !!! and Ariel Pink - IN GREECE! Thrilling!!

[Larry Gus MySpace]

[Stitches out soon through CAST-A-BLAST]

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