Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Charles Albright - I'm Happy, I'm A Genius

Well this is pretty insane; trashed out monotonics ripping similar pages as Hospitals/Eat Skull/Harry Pussy, someone said stop posting so much mediocre garage rock and well this pretty much takes a chainsaw to that. "Freaked out guitar splatter" is right. Charles Albright is also a serial killer from Dallas who matches New Zealand's favourite killer (?) Dave Bain in fantastic long nose shape but not in auntie-knitted woolen jumpers, but yeah, this is pretty Sacramento sounding or at least all that I've mythologized about it and I feel like Charles is sort of weird and unabashed and really into Black Flag but it's really hard to tell on the internet sometimes eh. Super wild though.

[Charles Albright MySpace]

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