Friday, May 14, 2010


Ganglians - My House (demo)

Via Impose: We all know Ganglians's weird cool-aid but I've only in the last few weeks realized their true genius, real subtly wonky/acid casualty psych (I was still stuck on the "Rats Man" trashed riffs) and kind of amazing you can shit out two diamond albums basically at once and thankfully they're good at both the trash punk and that crystal cool-aid 60s pop. This new demo was up on Impose last week but I HAVE BEEN "SO TIRED" and couldn't muster the energy to "do a blog" but besides it's more a heads up to Newcastle upon Tyne gangs re: the show this week and also the further genius that this new one sounds out, more like the Monster Head Room sunlight but ultra dense and progessive, build up upon build up. SHOW DEETZ BELOW and full tour dates at their MySpace.

[Facebook Event (Newcastle)]

[Ganglians MySpace]

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