Sunday, November 28, 2010


MP3: Wet Wings - Stockholm

New and positively glowing hit from the usually hauntier Wet Wings (must be cos the earthquakes are going away amirite?) that gets drenched in a particularly New Zealand tropical mist that Ruby Suns might dig. Along with the distinctly provincial (or maybe just suburban; art deco houses perhaps w/ front yard "pineapple trees") imagistic qualities that we've come to link with their loops and general vibe, this one's backed by a lite/breezy bassline that "just won't quit" and also suggests sheepishly that Summer is coming again (!). They're heading to Australia after a few Christchurch dates soon.

Thursday 13th January: Bar Open with Otouto and The Ancients (free!)
Friday 14th January: The Workers Club with Tiger Choir, Tantrums and The Parking Lot Experiments
Saturday 15th January: Toff in Town supporting Mountain Man

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