Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Mix: 100% SILK

MIX: 100% Silk - Rich's Comfortable Mix

It's pretty obvious and we're not the only ones but lately we can't get enough of 90s house and other luxury dance musics purveyed by 100% Silk. It's also obvious that we're stoked to post this mix from label head (and LA Vampire) Amanda Brown, who'se put together just under 50 minutes of her "favorite classic jams to dance to and to spin" and full of the kind of smooth grooves that Maria Minerva and Ital and put into recent mixes and that Magic Touch inject into their original tracks.

Lady Kier from Dee-Lite + Pal Joey - Pucci U Say Love
Deep Walker - Just Deep
Jomanda - The True Meaning Of Love
Inner City - Good Life
Odyssey - Feel My Love Ken
Chocolate Fudge - To Be Now
Unity - Work It Out Work It Dub
House 2 House - I Need Your Love Love Mix
Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It

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