Monday, September 26, 2011


MP3: Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Walking In Unison

A new Eddy Current Suppression Ring jam is exciting, always. No doubt about that! But this epic new track - the A-side to a new 12", out now on Captcha - is even better for the fact that it's proof that these garage punk legends are still recording new songs together. After last year's Rush To Relax it looked a little bit like ECSR might peter out, with Mikey and Brendan releasing music with new bands Total Control and Boomgates, respectively. It might still be a while before we see another record of all-new Eddy Current Suppression Ring songs, but Walking In Unison's protracted structure (it's nearly 10 minutes long!) and krauty edge are pretty terrific signs that the band are finding new ways to push their thing forward. (If you want an ECSR refresher, you can check out two tracks from So Many Things, their forthcoming live tracks & rarities compilation, on SoundCloud.)

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