Monday, May 14, 2007

The only holidays we shared as a family were the excursions we took, once every summer, to the beach.

Slaraffenland - Show Me The Way

One thing about downloading all yr music is that you don't really get to see cover art. Normally it doesn't come as much of a surprise but the art on this new Slaraffenland album Private Cinema is really nothing like I ever suspected from listening to it on iTunes. I mean, the album's all over the place but it's tone is never anything pink or cute like this . The album, as Tiny Mix puts it, is an 'exhausting' listen. It's also extremely engaging; I want to figure out the origins of these sounds but it's just as easy to sit back and listen. This track, 'Show Me The Way' is about as conventional as it gets; 'indie-rock' if you will.

In other news:

- The General is a very good film with no (spoken) words starring Buster Keaton.

- I am in trouble with The Cops

- The lead singer from Hockey Night sounds a lot like Stephen Malkmus.

- Low is my favourite David Bowie record.

- David Berman is quite good at writing poetry and other words on paper.

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Liam Casey said...

What are your thoughts on Station To Station? Definitely my favourite Bowie album.