Sunday, April 01, 2007

Poems from the Pewter House

Fursaxa - In the Hollow Mink Shaol

Three Broken Social Scene songs on a movie preview is reason enough to see the film. I can’t wait to see Half Nelson, mainly because there were yes three BSS songs on the preview, I mean gosh, it even had ‘Guilty Cubicles’ from their first album as well as ‘Shampoo Suicide’ which is probably my favourite BSS song. Speaking of films I just watched Jules and Jim (Truffaut), it blew my mind. I didn’t go to see Nouvelle Vague last night though I definitely should’ve; I think it was cheap cocktails and karaoke hell that put me off music for just a few hours at least.
Now I’m back in the old search for music that inspires and moves and it’s futile for the moment because I’m only moved just a tiny bit, even by the brilliant new album from The National (The Boxer is the name of it). Boy it’s really something. So is the new Dungen, but let’s face it, the problem is I listen to too much music, but using the word ‘listen’ is misguided, because in the process of downloading and being given so many of these plastic disks with sheets of paper from the press I don't think I’ve actually listened to any music at all in the past month apart from Panda Bear and Deerhunter and Montt Mardie and The Microphones, and I only really listened to The Microphones because I woke up in the back seat of a car on the outskirts of Melbourne as the sun was rising and The Glow Pt. 2 was playing as the sun shone through the dusty windows. That was as close to a ‘transcendental’ listening experience as I’ve got and it was slipped into my subconscious by someone else and I thanked them for it at the time and I thank them now.

The point is I’ve forgotten how to listen to music; certain types, at least, I’m not sure which types I can still hear properly, but there’s a quote on a book I have that says ‘Few books haunt the waking or sleeping mind, but this is one’ and I’d like to apply that to Destroyer’s music because this morning when I woke up at 4AM after a really strange and lucid dream and I felt and urge to sing the lyrics of ‘European Oils’ and I think I maybe even did sing at least a little bit. I’m on a different kick now though and it’s sparse and lo-fi and dark, maybe folk; it’s got acoustic guitars at least, some wailing, chimes etc. I mean the likes of Islaja, MV & EE, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Lau Nau, Espers and Fursaxa at the top of the page there. But if anyone has any suggestions of other music that will change my life like it did Natalie Portman’s on Garden State then send them my way. But what I’m thinking right now is smoking some bongs and listening to Waitin’ to Inhale by Devin the Dude, anyone keen?


Rikard said...

Jules et Jim - fucking marvelous film ! and hey...Devin th Dude rocks my world as well..

love Rikard (Nobody Spoil My Fun)

Scarlet said...

Jules et Jim, drawing on the table.
Boy, you sure to like to write about the weather Richard. Seasonal sort of bloke,?