Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sometimes I look at my shadow and wonder if I really am that tall

My trusty laptop is at the shop, the little trooper is getting a brand new keyboard. That's why there hasn't been many posts here lately. It's sort of good, though; wasting less time on pointless internet procrastination and reading like, books and stuff instead. Plus, seeing my computer contains all my music, I've had to revert back to ye old vinyl; all that great stuff like The Smiths (I got obsessed again), Brian Eno (Another Green World, Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy), The Human League's Dare and Gary Numan's Pleasure Principle. Some of my favourite stuff, it's sad that it doesn't get played nearly as much as the digital stuff. My favourite Smiths songs are 'There is a light that never goes out' and 'William, it was really nothing'. It's nice when you play a song and still remember all the words to it and can sing along. This is a good way to listen to music. On vinyl. you have to get up and change side. I feel like I'm missing out on a whole bunch of stuff, though; on the internet. Album's leaking all over the show. My apetite is ferocious, I am hungry and I won't be full until I get some newww music new music, oh dear, I wish I could post you something new on here. My iPod needs a good reshuffle, but when I was on bus back from Tamworth to Sydney on Wednesday I listened to A Sunny Day in Glasgow's Scribble Mural Comic Journal and it was excellent, most suitable when the sun was just starting to come down. Another enjoyable activity from the past week that also involved the word 'comic' was seeing Jim Woodring present animations of his comics and projections of his comics brought to life with music from Peter Hollo and Jeff Lang. The phrase 'brought to life' is probably cliched but it really couldn't be more apt; what these two did was really masterful, Lang's soundtrack a fucked up Dead Man-style with weird bright sounds like an early morning cartoon that you thought you got up for an ate Cocoa Pops during but actually only dreamed it in one of those lucid dreams you have just before you wake up. Also: thanks to 2ser's playbox I've been able to enjoy new music from Japanther, Lavender Diamond, and James Yorkston! It's a nice change from the strange music in my head last night when I drank too much Liquer Muscat (it came from a box and was not good quality despite having a 'SEAL OF QUALITY' on the side) and got lost when I was trying to walk home even though the party was approximatley two blocks from my own house.

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max said...

omfgggggggg i LOVE taking tiger mountain by strategy. i was gonna put 'the fat lady of limbourgh' on a mixtape 4 u but i guess i won't