Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Fabulous Diamonds - Track 2

I smoked some bongs and listened to Augustus Pablo last night. It's morning now and I'm hearing music sans bongz and my mind is being blown perhaps even more so than in the stoned stupor in which Augustus Pablo's primitive dubs washed over me and my beanbag because I've got the new Fabulous Diamonds 7" coming through my headphones. I'd only ever seen this Melbourne two-piece play live a few times and I feel sort of like I had missed something on those occasions because I never really caught on to the huge dub element in their sound which now is the overriding factor, delays delays delays, Fab Diamonds are at once primitive and futuristic and maybe sound like they come from space but in this space there's a forest and there's a saxophone there too, even if he can't play it so well.

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