Sunday, June 03, 2007

The RQ Mid-Year Review: Max

Because it's June, we've decided to post neatly annotated, numerical lists of our favourite albums of the year thus far. It's going to happen all week, so come back. Here I go:

5. Frida Hyvonen – Until Death Comes

Why would you ever need anything other than a piano? Frida Hyvonen is an attractive blonde who writes beautiful songs with lines like “Once I felt your cock against my thigh” and soundtracks contemporary dance pieces that star dancing poodles (true!). Frida 4 Prez!

4. The MFW – This Is Grunge Jazz

This album is dischordant, angular and raw, constantly surprising, impeccably produced and played by some of the most interesting and accomplished musicians in Australia – wait, scratch that – anywhere today. May everyone involved with Jazzgroove Records one day be as disgustingly rich and ridiculously over-analysed as Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter.

3. Can’t Stop It! II

The first volume in this series passed me by, so I got to marvel at this amazing collection of Australian post-punk bands from the 70s and 80s like it was new. Not only were all these bands pretty much long-buried (just the thought of the digging that Mr Blackman, et al., must have had to do makes my back ache), it’s a brilliant mix of songs. Unlike the Inner City Sound compilation which, while certainly very good in parts, was primarily interesting, this is a rad mix CD as well as a testament to Australian music.

2. The Clientele – God Save The Clientele

There’s almost nothing I dislike more than a band who focus all their energies on perfecting their aesthetic and then forget to write rewarding songs or even execute them with a degree of flair (coughfabulousdiamondscough). Conversely, when a band has aesthetic down and is also able to be engaging, catchy and even witty, it makes it all the more satisfying.

1. Sir – The Brando Room

I was in a shitty mood yesterday and I listened to Sir because for soft and dreamy down-tempo break-up classics, there’s no better album than The Brando Room. I wanted to empathise and that was a bad idea. Jesse Shepherd, the man behind the band, is a master of humanity. This is bleak, funny, touching and dreadfully ambiguous. They describe it as “a sleazy foray into the loveless world of over 28's nightclubs, polyester shirts and waking up alone.” I got home and shaved. For the first time in three years, I can see my whole face unobstructed by hair. Well done, Sir.

Sir - Spent Time With A Woman

Honourable mentions to: Panda Bear – Person Pitch, Rand & Holland – Caravans, The Besnard Lakes – The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse, El-P – I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead


ella said...

you shaved??

max said...

i've made a huge mistake.