Thursday, September 27, 2007

Married Couples.

Dean and Britta - White Horses

As a young boy I assumed that there was a level of necessary angst and worry in order to write decent songs about life. But married couples in bands I guess work with rather the opposite.

There's a lot of course, the Thurston and Kims, but they work in a band dynamic, and tend not to write the style of almost cute, but totally lovely and endearing tunes that are arguably for each other as much as for the general public.

Some of my faves that have released albums this year are:
Dean and Britta, Dean of Galaxie 500 fame, and both of Luna not so fame. Dean is said to have broken up Luna because the band dynamic and the marriage dynamic didn't work well together.
Viva Voce who work out of their living room, presumably after cleaning up the dishes from a nutritious and wholesome meal they have cooked together.

Park Avenue (Music), an electronic duo who i find a little pretentious, but the music sounds nice, even if they write about themselves in the third person and make many references to their cat.

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