Thursday, September 27, 2007

Guest Post: Fulton Girls Club

Here is the second guest blog from Grant Jonathon Gronewold aka Fulton Girls Club. Earlier this week he wrote of Edan and soon he'll write about some more music. Here is a photo of Grant:

The Minutemen - Do You Want A New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth?

"Should a word have two meanings? What the fuck for?"

Movement is this sound, D. Boon and Mike Watt sing to each other in front of us, the guitars take the actual shape of the word jangle, the drums quiet and threatening thunderous, the power of this song is all the impending aggression and angst and sadness and hate and uncertainty and MOVEMENT behind it, looming, it is that crack over the the black clouds that comes in a blink before the thunderbolts finally get us, the hard edged mountain that is the idea of the minutemen in my mind is defined by this lightning, lighting up it's silhouette, like it was already defined to near extinction.

I see so many notebooks and I see sleeping kids in a van doing something that expresses meaning to me "our band could be your life." They weren't lying. They had it, whatever it was and when they lost D. Boon, we all lost it.

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