Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Unsubstantiated rumours!

So if you've got one of these blog things yr meant to probably write about stuff that matters or concerns folk instead of just putting up mp3s and making obscure references so here we go, the lineup for the Big Day Out announcement for 2008 has just been announced and this is something that you should really write about, putting yr two cents in, following up on earlier rumours which this year have mostly come true like The Arcade Fire and Bjork. The first announcement is by all means amazing: The Arcade Fire, Billy Bragg, Dizzee Rascal, LCD Soundsystem, Grinspoon, Hilltop Hoods, Paul Kelly, Sarah Blasko, Faker, Midnight Juggernauts, Something With Numbers, Battles and Cut Off Your Hands. Well, mostly, (i've put the ones that I'm glad for in italics) it's got the usual drab Aussie lite-rock with Paul Kelly and likeable fashionistas Cut Off Yr Hands but yeah, this is the BDO, just be glad there's no Metallica this year (though crowds will probably worse at Rage Against The Machine). So the lineup is great but is it something worth going to and supporting? It's not as easy as you'd think, being squashed up against sweaty pill-munching Jack Daniels-swilling Aussie flag-wearing jerks. My main concern is how to negotiate this enourmous amount of bogans or just regular idiots that left me bewildered and feeling alien at 2006's Sydney BDO. "Kiss the flag"? Sorry, what??? Wow. It was amazing in Sydney, especially as this poor New Zealander had only been here a matter of weeks. I thought it was another one of those race riots that yr so famous for! Seriously, it was pretty concerning. Apparently the Gold Coast one won't be so bad. All you'll have to put up with this is tanned guys with arms as big as shiny sky scrapers grinding their teeth together and moving their jaws around in funny ways.

A sure-fire way to either escape from this swarthy sea of bogans or to scare them away would be via The Boredoms performance. They've been rumoured for the second announcement.

Other unsubstantiated tour rumours for this summer's festivals (Laneway, mainly):

- The Clean
- Broken Social Scene
- Fleetwood Mac
- Jens Lekman
- Fiest
- The National


tim said...

oh yeah, fleetwood mac are totally doing laneway this year

and you can't be hating on paul kelly! i don't care if you're from new zealand. listen to "to her door" or "dumb things" again - not lite! save your slurs for pete murray

richard mk said...

boredoms? wtf!

richard said...


it's like supporting australia in the cricket tim!!!

nah, not really. i haven't actually heard much paul kelly, i feel like i should have; that's probably why i haven't bothered. it's weird, i am actually biased on australian music like that but i think it's mainly because it's a bit plain for my liking but mostly because i am subconsciously patriotic. making uninformed jabs is fun though

Anonymous said...

don't you munch plenty of pills yourself. and do stupid things at festivals too?

a bit of double standards there ay richy boy